The Bells of St. Andrew’s

Many times, bells are referred to as ‘singing icons’. This name is very telling, for much like icons, bells are special liturgical items used in the worship of God. They are the voices for those other liturgical instruments: the vestments, the chalices, the candles and the icons. And as it is traditional for the faithful to donate those things in memory of a loved one, it is also a very old custom to donate bells in remembrance of a departed family member or friend.

In many ways, the bell is the perfect donation to remember someone. At every liturgical service, when the bell is rung, you hear its beautiful sound and remember the person for whom you donated the bell. Every time you see it, you will be reminded of your loved one. A beautiful custom is for the bell to be named after the person it was donated in memory of as part of the blessing service, when the bell is blessed, Chrismated, and named in honor of your loved one. Truly, a bell is a fitting memorial.

When Metropolitan Herman, our bishop at the time, Chrismated St. Andrew’s bells, the following people were memorialized:

Anastasios Plaige; John Litwin; Stephen & Anna Rusinak; Daniel, Anna, and Mary Nayduch; Alexander Maisevich; Frank Evanoff; Edward Sykora; Aleksy Lapciew; Anna Kruk; Nathan & Anna Fetkowitz; and Bertha & Charles McCarthy.

May their memories be eternal!  May their souls dwell with the blessed! Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!

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