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Diocese Holds First ‘Children’s Choir Workshop’

December 3, 2012

On Saturday, December 1, 2012, the Diocese of New York & New Jersey’s Commission on Liturgical Music held its first ‘Children’s Choir Workshop’, hosted by our parish here at St. Andrew’s.  Led by noted diocesan conductor and musician David Lucs, the workshop was a fun-filled and inspiring day, as David creatively engaged the group of eight enthusiastic young girls who joined this program’s initial run.

Students learned several hymns, especially those related to the season of the Nativity which is upon us: the Feast of Saint Nicholas, the Holy Nativity, and the Holy Theophany, and were given booklets of liturgical music to take back to their homes and parishes along with their newly-acquired skills in liturgical music.  The children took advantage of the personal attention to clear up some misconceptions as well; among the most interesting, that on celebrations, we don’t actually sing “God Grant you many ears!” Others learned that a Nativity irmos does not actually begin with “Christ is bored, glorify Him!”  Thankfully, our intrepid instructor was able to gently reorient the young students to a more traditional understanding of how these hymns should go!  In addition to the instruction in signing, the students shared meals together, got to know each other, and establish friendships with fellow Orthodox youth from nearby parishes.

St. Andrew’s is thankful to the Diocesan Commission on Liturgical Music, in particular Doreen Bartholomew and Carol Wetmore, for the honor of being able to host this event; to David Lucs for the wonderful instruction he provided; and to His Grace Bishop Michael for his presence, teaching, and encouragement throughout the workshop.  We hope our own parish’s youth who participated had a good experience, and hope that they will now join us in the choir sometime soon!  We look forward to sending even great numbers of our youth to future workshops.

Photos from the event can be viewed here.

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