Recommended Books

Introduction to the Faith
The Orthodox Church, Kallistos Ware
The Orthodox Way, Kallistos Ware
The Faith We Hold, Archbishop Paul of Finland
The Orthodox Church, Sergius Bulgakov
The Orthodox Church, John Meyendorff
For the Life of the World, Alexander Schmemann
Orthodox Theology: An Introduction, Vladimir Lossky

Orthodox Liturgy, Hugh Wybrew
Of Water and the Spirit, Alexander Schmemann
Introduction to Liturgical Theology, Alexander Schmemann
The Eucharist, Alexander Schmemann

Light in Darkness, Sergei Fudel
Orthodox Spirituality, Lev Gillet
Way of the Ascetics, Tito Colliander
St. Gregory Palamas and Orthodox Spirituality, John Meyendorff
A Night in the Desert of the Holy Mountain: Discussion with a Hermit on the Jesus Prayer, Metropolitan of Nafpaktos Hierotheos Vlachos
Russian Mystics, Sergius Bolshakoff
The Arena: An Offering to Contemporary Monasticism. Brianchaninov, I. Translated by Arch. Lazarus. Holy Trinity Monastery, 1997. ISBN 0-88465-011-1
The Living Witness of the Holy Mountain: Contemporary Voices from Mount Athos, Alexander Golitzin
Eros of Repentance, George Capsanis

On Prayer, Archimandrite Sophrony
In Thy Presence, Lev Gillet
Jesus Prayer, Lev Gillet
Beginning to Pray, Metropolitan Anthony (Bloom)
Living Prayer, Metropolitan Anthony
God and Man, Metropolitan Anthony
On the Prayer of Jesus. Brianchaninov, I. Translated by Arch. Lazarus. Ibis Press, 2006. ISBN 0-89254-120-2
Orthodox Spirituality and the Philokalia, Placide Deseille

Elders and Eldership
Ascetic Of Love: Mother Gavrilia, by Nun Gavrilia [a spiritual daughter]
Elder Porphyrios: A Spiritual Child Remembers, by Klitos Joannidis
Elder Porphyrios: Testimonies and Experiences, by Constantine Yiannitsiotis
Elder Porphyrios: Wounded by Love, ed. by the Sisters of the Holy Convent of Chrysopis
Father Arseny, 1893-1973: Priest, Prisoner, Spiritual Father: Being the Narratives Compiled by the Servant of God Alexander Concerning His Spiritual Father
Father Arseny, A Cloud of Witnesses, Vera Bouteneff
Elder Macarius, Russian Letters of Spiritual Direction, 1834-1860
Fr. John, Christ Is in Our Midst: Letters from a Russian Monk
Saint Silouan the Athonite, Archimandrite Sophrony
Elders of Optina: Vol. 1, Elder Leonid of Optina, Fr. Clement Sederholm
Elders of Optina: Vol. 2, Elder Anthony, Fr. Clement Sederholm
Elders of Optina: Vol. 3, Elder Macarius, Fr. Leonid Kavelin
Elders of Optina: Vol. 4, Elder Ambrose, Fr. Sergius Chetverikov
Elders of Optina: Vol. 5, Elder Nektary, Ivan M. Kontzevich
Elders of Optina: Vol. 6, Elder Sebastian, Tatiana V. Torstensen
Elders of Optina: Vol. 7, Elder Barsanuphius, Victor Afanasiev

Daily Reading
The Bible and the Holy Fathers for Orthodox, Johanna Manley
GRACE FOR GRACE: The Psalter and the Holy Fathers, Johanna Manley
The Prologue of Ochrid

For a more complete bibliography of Orthodox spirituality, go to: the bibliography of Archimandrite Alexander Golitzin, an Orthodox priest and professor at Marquette University.

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