Contemporary Theologians

Modern luminaries of a Living Tradition

The Church is blessed with the great wealth of those who, by diligent scholarship and pious living, have sought to find an appropriate expression of the faith, a reflection on the Life in Christ and an appreciation for the historical voice of Tradition. Listed below are a few contemporary representatives of this wealth, a brief biographical sketch, some excerpts from their writing, and where to find out more about them. We are offering this to our readers primarily as a spiritual resource and in hopes of providing a somewhat broader context for the life of faith that we share in our Parish. Collectively, these writers and thinkers form part of a kind of churchly patrimony that can help us overcome our isolation and the indifference that tragically is so often associated with our human condition. We make no claim as to the completeness of this list; the names included here are just some of the great luminaries, but there are many others. Their witness truly complements that of the great elders, iconographers, hymnographers, musicians, Fathers and Mothers of the Church, about whom we hope to offer similar information in the future.

Fr. Sergius Bulgakov
Fr. Pavel Florensky
Fr. Nicholas Afanasiev
Archpriest Georges Florovsky
Archimandrite Lev Gillet
Archimandrite Cyprian Kern
Vladimir Lossky
Fr. Dumitru Stăniloae
Elisabeth Behr-Sigel
Metropolitan Anthony Bloom
Schemamonk Constantine Cavarnos
1918 – 2011
Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann
Protopresbyter John Meyendorff
Philip Sherrard
Metropolitan John Zizioulas
b. 1931
Metropolitan Kallistos Ware
b. 1934
Fr. Alexander Men
Fr. John Chryssavgis
b. 1958
Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev
b. 1966
Fr. Andrew Louth
b. 19xx
Dmitri Obolensky
b. 19xx
Panayiotis Nellas
b. 19xx-1986
Nicholas Uspensky
b. 19xx
Sergius Bolshakoff
b. 19xx
Georgios I. Mantzaridis
b. 19xx
Elizabeth Theokritoff
b. 19xx
Paul Meyendorff
b. 19xx
Paul Evdokimov
b. 19xx

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